Friday, April 5, 2013

First Date Advice

Couples First Date


You have secured your first date now what? You're probably asking yourself. Questions like what should I wear? Where should we go? If you have already met your date and both agreed to go out on a date this means you're both interested so relax? If you never met your date the possibility is always there that your date may not meet your expectations or you won't meet their expectations. Never solely judge a person by their looks. If your date doesn't look cute or pretty try to make the best of the date regardless. Never dart out the back door! You wouldn't want someone to do that to you. Be a friend! Besides your date may feel like darting out the back door also. The next question is what to talk about now that you're on your date and what not to talk about?

Conversation Should Be a Two Way Street

Neither one of you should dominate the conversation, but instead take turns sharing. How much personal information you share will probably vary depending on first impressions, body language and gut instincts. Talking about family and friends is usually a good direction to take the conversation.

Keep Conversation Neutral on First Date

Work is a neutral subject. You can talk about your last promotion and what your goals and dreams to succeed. Just be careful not to let work dominate your whole conversation after all you're not there to talk about your job. Beware of dates that keep mentioning their work. You do not want to start a relationship with someone who cares more about the job than life its self. You will never fit into their schedule. You will always be put on the back burner. Talk about interests, hobbies and ideas of fun you may discover either a sense of compatibility or none at all. Either way, this is a plus to find out early on in the game.


This makes for good conversation you could talk about your favorite movies. You can talk about the types of foods you like or dislike. You can talk about volunteer work that you do to help others or help animals. You can talk about events you went to such as concerts. Just try to keep the conversation neutral and positive.

Politics and Religion No No on First Date

Never talk about debate able subjects like religion or politics on a first date. The conversation can take a wrong curve. You could jeopardize a great friendship or ruin your opportunity to get to know your date.

Either Way the Date Turns Out

Never go out on a date with the expectation that you're going to hit it off right away. The purpose of dating is to determine whether or not to take the relationship to the next level. If the relationship doesn't advance to the next level at least you gained a friend.

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