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All about Demonic Dreams

Fear terror eye
Fear terror eye (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


Find out the truth about dreams. Find out what your dreams mean. Find out what may be causing you to have bad dreams.

Dream Dictionary

When you research a dream it is important to remember and write down details of your dreams even if it seems not important. Especially if something in your dream is out of the ordinary like for instance in your dream you're caring a red purse and you don't like the color red so that would be something to research.

Demon (Photo credit: Johnny Söderberg)

Night Terrors

Night terrors are when your fearful dreams seem so real it seems that the events in your dreams are really happening. People who suffer with night terrors often sleepwalk. Find out the symptoms of night terrors.

Signs of Demonic Possession

Night Terrors (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Night Terrors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A demon in the first season episode "Phan...
A demon in the first season episode "Phantom Traveler". The appearance of demons has since evolved throughout the series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Torment can come in many forms such as dreams and taunting evil thoughts. These thoughts will taunt until you do something about them such as give in to the thoughts or voices. These overwhelming thoughts or feelings can cause a person to do things they normally wouldn't due in order to stop the torment. Warning: If you or someone else is possibly demon posse your thoughts and dreams of torment will get far worse. If you think you or someone else is posse by demons you will have to seek out spiritual help. Someone with the gift of casting out demons not just a priest or preacher if you make an attempt to remove the demon or demons they can and will come back seven fold. You might be suffering from demon attacks. Just because you believe in God or Jesus does not mean you can not get posse. Remember Satan believes in God and he fears Jesus. Satan lives in the church he attacks and deceives even the strongest believers in the church.

How Demons Act

Learn more about demons and how they act and how demons deceive people. Make no mistake demons do exist. I recommend that you do your own research. Satan and his demons will do everything to make you believe that they do not exist. If you are posses you might have thoughts like this is stupid demons don't really exists. While you're researching this subject you may feel nauseated sick to your stomach. Feel uncomfortable has feelings that you're doing something wrong.

Theophostics Better Known As Inner Healing

I recommend theophostics because it worked for me. I heard voices I became suicidal I had taunting nightmares. I believed God had it in for me hated me. I started suffering from fears I never had. I felt totally lost and nothing was going right in my life. I had feelings of hopelessness. I totally lost my faith which led me into rebelling against God which made me susceptible to demon possession. If you need help you can contact these people and they can find someone in your area to talk to you. Always remember people have their own options on every subject don't let negative option steer or scare you away. 


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