Friday, January 20, 2012

Questions Men Don't Want to Hear


Question women should never ask a man especially if in a new relationship.

"Are You Attracted to Other Women?"

Of course he's attracted to other women. Ask yourself this question. Are other men attracted to me? Ask yourself this question. How many men do I think is attractive? Do you have a favorite star that you tell your friends you would sleep with if you had the chance? What if someone approached you and said if I gave you a million dollars would you sleep with me for one night? Honestly I would be pretty tempted!.

"What Are You Thinking?" (Usually Asked In Bed.)

How many times has someone asked you what are you thinking about as soon as they asked the question your mind goes blank? Just because he's not thinking about you at the moment doesn't mean he don't care you or whatever answer your hoping to hear. You more then likely will not get an honest answer because you caught the person off guard. You made them lose there train of thought so they just make something up they thank you want to hear.

"What Happen In Your Past Relationships?"

This question is really none of your business. If your partner wants you to know they will tell you on there own. Usually if you're in a relationship long enough if you share about you past relationships your man probably will share about his past relationships. In the beginning of the relationship I would avoid this question.

"Do You Enjoy Being With Your Friends More Than Being With Me?"

I have heard women make the comment to there friends. I think he rather be with his friends instead of me. This question is a sign that you're obsessed and want constant attention. These kinds of question and insecurities are signs of an unhealthy relationship. Men are not meant to be around women all the time. They need to have interactions with other men just the same as women need to socialize with other women.

"Where Do You Think Our Relationship Is Going?"

If you're asking this question the relationship isn't getting to the next level fast enough for you. In a new relationship you should never ask questions like that because that will make getting to the next level something you won't have to worry about because there will be no relationship.

Final Thoughts

Whether your male or female asking questions similar to those in this list seem cute at first but can get annoying after a while. Your partner will question your trust of them and your insecurities.

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