Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ways to Please Your Partner

When couples that like to please each other their relationship are unbreakable. Both parties equally should be on the receiving end not just you or just your partner. Someone has to get the ball rolling! Why not you? It's easy for a relationship to go stale when it's the "same old same old" so get up and get the romance ball rolling. 

Rub Your Partners Feet 

Rubbing your partner's feet will bring back circulation which will re-leave any burning from standing and walking all day. Rubbing your partner's feet helps take the days stress away. Massaging the feet also help to promote better health. 

Give Your Partner a Nice Neck Rub 

Helps loosen tight musicals and removes knots in the musicals. You also remove that burning feeling from putting stress on your neck. A good neck rub will send tingles up the scalp this releases endorphins that help them to relax and help them sleep. 

Take on some of Your Partners Responsibilities

It is always nice to come home and find out what you have been putting off has been already done or what you do everyday is already done. Why not do this for your partner? 

Plan a Fun and Alone Night With Your Partner

Do something fun and crazy. Get a little freaky! Make your partner laugh. Have a beverage to loosen up offer your partner a beverage. Turn the music on and dance around be flirty. Light up some candles talk about what got you with your partner in the first place. Have some laughs.

Let Your Partner Decide on a Plan 

If your partner wants to go out go or if they prefer to stay home for the evening whip up something to munch on. Find a good movie. Snuggle up to each other show each other comfort. Be close to each other without sexual pressure.

Final Thoughts

If you feel your partner is avoiding "making love"with you do not use any of these ideas with any kind of sexual advances. If this is the case you might want to talk to your partner after you have tried a few times to have a fun day or evening.

There could be issues your not aware of and your partner hasn't discussed with you for fear that you will be mad or fear that they may hurt your feelings

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  1. These sound like good things, which we already do anyway. As for sex, my doctor told me about six times, "NO SEX!" I had a hysterectomy on June 7th and sex is the biggest no no to the healing process.


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