Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tips to Get Page Views Plus Clicks


Have you noticed when you stop writing or promoting your articles you don’t seem to get readers?  Even if you stop writing and promoting your article you should have plenty of readers and clicks.  If you do what is suggested in this article you won’t have to constantly write and promote articles.

Introduction and Title

Your title and your introduction is the most important part of any article.  Your title and your introduction is the first thing your reader reads.  Your title should be descriptive of the content and right to the point. Your introduction should be at least three to four sentences.  Never skip the introduction.  Your introduction is what draws readers to your article.  Their could be thousands of articles with the same titles.  If your article has photos or videos be sure to mention that you have photos and videos in the second or third sentence.  Describe what the reader will learn if they chose your article.  If you’re writing an article on dog breeds or plants you might want to create a blog with pictures or videos.

Usefulness of the Article

Be sure to write an article your readers will enjoy reading.  Your article should have detailed information about the subject of the article with links to sites that have facts site that end with .edu, .gov, or link to sites that have diagrams and factual information.

Avoid Writing Article that Have Been Written to Death

Articles like “How to Potty Train a Puppy” unless you have a total unique way to potty train a puppy.  Avoid writing titles like that people should already know or understand with common sense.  Like how to brush teeth.  “How to Vacuum,” What to Put on Your Kitchen Table articles such as these will not earn you money?

To Similar or Duplicated Articles

To similar meaning researching an article and writing basically the same thing as the article you linked too or basically rewriting any article that has no new ideas or information about the subject just basically rewriting an article with different words.

Check Your Google Ads

After you publish your articles never forget to check your ads.  Make sure all your ads match your content.  If your ads do not match your content this is a red flag.  This means you didn’t choose the right category or you didn’t use enough keywords or keyword phrases.

Public Service Ads

After you have published your article review your article make sure Google ads appear not public service ads.  If you see public service ads that means you have written something in your article that Google flagged.  Google will not promote sex in any way.  If you just happen to put in a phrase or word that the Google web-crawler detects as inappropriate.  You will see public service ads.

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