Saturday, October 15, 2011

Signs of a Good Barber


Finding a good barber is hard to do but when you find a good barber be a loyal customer. Loyal customers get the best service. These are the facts coming from a barber.

The First Haircut from Your Barber

This is the time to get to know what is to be expected. Communication is very important at this point. Bad communication between you and the barber is a disaster waiting to happen. Be sure your barber is confident in your expectations. On the first haircut the barber will ask you a series of question. Make sure you answer clearly. Be direct and give your barber some direction when needed. Don't be afraid to say go a little shorter. Don't cut to much here watch out for my cowlick. If its OK that your hair stands up a little let the barber know after all we are not mind readers.

The Second Haircut

A good barber will remember you when you come in the door. They might not remember your name on the second visit but they will remember you and your hair. When you walk in the barbershop and there's a bunch of customers waiting and your barber says can you wait I'll be with you as soon as I can. Wait if you can. Your barber will appreciate you waiting. If you can't wait for some reason come back later but let your barber know your coming back. This tells your barber you're a loyal customer. When you get in the chair you will notice that the barber remembers parts of conversations you had on first visit and remembers most of how you wanted your haircut from the first visit. This is a good sign your barber likes you and cares about the outcome of your haircut and visit. This is a good sign your barber is a good barber.

The Third Haircut

You and your barber are having friendly conversation even becoming friends. Now you and your barber have a relationship beyond being just any old customer. As a barber if a customer is a regular that pretty much stays with there haircut schedule. The barber notices right away that you been missing not just your barber but the other barbers are wonder where you been. This is a good sign you have a good barber and your coming to a great barbershop. Believe it or not us barbers become very attached to our customers and our customers become very protective over there barbers with that being said be careful regulars don't tolerate rude customers and neither do the other barbers. Especially in a redneck town where everybody knows everybody!

Now You’re Barber Pretty Much Knows Your Haircut

Now your barber doesn't even ask you anymore about how you want your haircut. You should be at the point you don't even look to see if the haircut is done right. I have had customers that really didn't care about there haircut. They would either come to vent out there problems or come to share a good joke or even just to bring me a cup of coffee. Some just sit in the next chair over and talk to me and the customer in my chair. When customers feel comfortable sitting and talking to you and your barber you know that you're in a good barbershop.

The Barbershop Family

After a period of time you and your barber will have such a bond you won't want to go to any other barber. Now I'll let you know at this point it best that you wait for your barber but if you have an emergency or something and your barber can't get to you. It is OK to get in another barbers chair. Just make sure your barber knows that you can't wait. Your barber will understand. No bad feelings!

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