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Possible Reasons for Insomnia


Most people suffer from insomnia from time to time or can't sleep once in awhile that is normal but if you have trouble sleeping for weeks at a time here is some possible reason for your sleepless nights.

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Use of certain medications can cause you to have problems sleeping. Check all your medicine if any of your medicine says that one of the side effects is Insomnia get your doctor to change your medicine.

Sleeping Drug Dependency

Hypnotic-Dependent Sleep Disorder: This sleeping disorder comes usually from prolong use of sleeping pills. Usually when you become dependent on sleeping pills your body builds up a tolerance to the sleeping pill. 

Once your body gets that tolerance is as though you never took a sleeping pill so then you have to take another pretty soon you're taking a dangerous amount of sleeping pills and the end result is death.

Physical Discomfort

It could mean you need a new bed but this physical discomfort could be caused by something that is not so obvious. Bowels are a possible reason for a discomfort that you have that you can't explain. 

If you're not emptying your bowels often enough this will cause you to toss and turn at night sometimes even while you're asleep. 

You should be emptying your bowels twice a day. You can also have other underlying health issues. You should visit your doctor if you still have problems sleeping.


Lying in bed worrying what happens because of certain events in your life is not in your control. You might have a problem that can't be fixed until the next day. 

Maybe you are projecting how things are going to pan out if that's the case you need to stop projecting because nothing ever turns out to be the way you projected it to be.

Anxiety or Stress

What if you don't have stress and anxiety in your life anymore? At least not like you did before! Example of what I mean: I was a caretaker for 10 years each year became more stressful. I couldn't sleep because I was dwelling on what happened that day or what's going to happen the next day. 

I took my frustration and anger with all the rest of my problems to bed with me. She passed away a year ago. I though my stress and anxiety would just disappear it did for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden I found myself having anxiety and a sudden fear of death. 

I couldn't sleep to save my life or I slept way too much. I found myself feeling the same frustrations and anger that I did when she was alive. Even now I find myself feeling all these feelings and it's been a year but with time the problem has become more controllable. 

My point is you may not think you have stress or anxiety but you may be being triggered by a past event this can cause sleeping problems.

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