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Ways to Get Freaky with Your Partner


When you have been in a relationship for a while things get stale.  “Boring “having sex becomes another something you have to do before going to bed.  Sex it becomes a chore!  Maybe your relationship is less than perfect.  Maybe there has been a lot of stress and fighting over whatever rocks life throws at you.  Maybe you’re just looking for ideas to spice up your love life.  Whatever your reason for reading this article I hope you have as much fun as I did and put back the fun in your love life.  The whole idea of this article is not to get your partner in the sack.  Just get that out of your “heads” gentlemen.  The idea is to bring back the anticipation the eagerness that all around feelings that you had when you first met.

First Fun Idea

The whole idea is to have fun with fun comes laughter.  How to get your partner to laugh this always works for me?  I always get my favorite beverage and have a few drinks before I get started.  I start preparing and setting up the mood.  I put on some up beat music.  If you don’t have music no problem!  Skip this step for now!  Go look through your drawers try to find something that looks totally ridicules.  The funnier the better this is where your imagination comes in to play.  Use makeups maybe make yourself look like a clown.  Just have fun getting stupid.  The whole idea is to make your partner laugh even if they come home in a bad mood.  Remember your partner is expecting the same oh same oh.  It might take a little effort and persistence to get them smiling don’t give up.  Make your partner a drink this helps your partner to unwind.  Start sing songs like.  ‘I’m to sex for this short” Boy George, the worst you are at singing the better.  Crank up some up beat music.  Grab your partner and take them for a whirl.  I can’t help you after this point.  Your own your own!  Remember love making is not the point.  No pressures just act and be kids again.

Get Crazy

Here is one way to get crazy and have fun.  You need a few supplies!  Either make a platter or buy one with whatever your partner and you will enjoy.  (Keep Cold)  You can use a shower curtain or purchase a piece of plastic that is large enough to cover the bed.  Pickup some candles that way the lighting is just right.  Again use your imagination!  Message your partner with whatever kind of oil you have laying around the house.  My favorite is tropical suntan oil.  After the messages!  Why not tickle and wrestle around?  Bring your Partner another drink then go get the platter.  Sit there and play around no touch remember tease not to get pleased.  Munch out have a few drinks.  Talk about the good times the funny things I think you got my point your on your own from this point on.

Water Can be Fun

I love the water here is a few ideas.  I live on the water so we have a boat.  Hey why not chrism the boat there a idea.  Do you live near a beach or a lake that you can go swimming at why not dare each other to get naked put your robes on take a drive a go for a midnight swim?  Here is another idea!  Remember when we where kids?  How we loved playing in the hose?  Nothings changed you just lost track of the simplest pleasures like playing in the rain.  I love the rain especially when it’s an all-night er.  There is nothing more romantic then getting naked and daring each other to go out in the rain first.

Think Like a Kid with a Little Role Playing

You didn’t seem to mind getting your butt whopped then why not now?  Besides your partner didn’t get there chores done.  Surprise your partner with a clean house.  Right before your partner comes home get a few roses.  Leave them a message to put a load of clothes in the washer.  Have two or three roses waiting in the wash machine.  Go get your partner there favorite beverage.  Park your car some where were they can’t see you.  Ring the door bell or Knock on the door with the rest of the roses and the beverage.  Say something like May I come in.  Make reservation to go to your partner’s favorite restaurant.  Don’t worry about the roses in the wash machine just leave them if they refused to meet your request.  Just leave them your partner will find them sooner or later.  It’s Ok if they wilt.  The idea is what will make your partner melt.

Things to Think About

Life is full of problems, you will always have problems.  Don’t let anything stand in the way of your relationship.  I mean anything!  Spend time doing things you use to do the things that brought you together to start with even if you think your to old.  Example: Skate you don’t necessarily have to skate just go have a bite to eat get a shake.  Sit and talk laugh at people that can’t skate.  Make jokes.  Talk about the old times.  Get freaky as often as possible and make fun memories.  Make new memories!  

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