Saturday, October 15, 2011

Stupid Mistakes Boat Owners Make


Watch a funny video of boating and fishing blooper’s. If your a boater or a fishermen you could probably relate that is why this article is so great. Don't forget to watch the video fishing and boating blooper’s.

You might find this hilarious but boating mishaps are not so funny when it happens to you. Being a boat owner has its challenges as your about to see as you read on. I have seen so called expert boaters make these dumb mistakes.

Cleaning the Boat (Don't Go Away That's Not the Dumb Part)

Yea were going out on the boat everyone is excited. Oh the boat is a little dusty and I wouldn't want the girls to see that so I'll hose the boat down real quick. Oh the boat is holding water I forgot to pull the plug out. No problem now I got to rinse my foot prints out and finish rinsing the rest of the boat. The phone rings the girls are on there way! Quick hurry up and find my sexy swimming trunks. OK girls we are on are way to put the boat in the water. OK someone direct me into the water. At this time no one notices the boat is filling up with water. The boat owner realizes the boat is slipping on the boat ramp. He tries frantically to stop the boat from going further into the water. Finally the boat stops the owner gets out of his vehicle to realize his boat is underwater worse yet his back seat in his vehicles is underwater.

Taking a Swim

Yea let's all get naked and take a dip! Now everybody is out of the boat it's a nice com day why anchor the boat? Everyone is having a blast then someone had enough so they want to get back on the boat. No ladder no problem this is a bass boat it looks easy enough to get in right? Wrong! Just because a boat appear to be low enough in the water does not mean it will be easy to get back on board the boat. Never rely on a anchor ever even if it seem secure. Never jump off the boat without having a ladder mounted to the boat. Always no matter how safe things appear always keep at least one person aboard the boat. Things can and will go wrong right when your most vulnerable.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is Secured Properly on Your Boat

I know you men you think you got the best boat on the water. You maybe surprised of the things that can go wrong when you don't check your boat equipment. Also while your at it why not make sure your fishing pole is up to par. This video will make your boat and your fishing trip a success.

How to Make the Best Out of Your Fishing Trip

Here is a few quick tips to keep in mind while you're fishing. Never fish under trees. Pay very close attention to what you are doing. Do not lose your temper. Best tip of all respect the outdoors.

Safety First

Remember to clip yourself so that the boat automatically shuts off if you happen to fall out of the boat. Ware your safe jacket. Ware your sunglasses to keep the sun out of your eyes and the bugs from flying in your eyes and hopefully will see each other on the next boat trip.

Final Thoughts

If you want to see something funny click both of the links I provided for you. I cried I laughed so hard!

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