Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ways to Make a Mess Out of Your Life

As we all know when we where young we made a lot of mistakes.  Some of those mistake we are still paying for and probably will for the rest of our lives.

Never Graduating High School

Quitting high school is really frowned upon by employers.  People who quit high school think that a G.E.D. is just as good.  Well it is!  The problem with a G.E.D. some employers view a person with a G.E.D. as a quitter or unable to be committed.  Some employers will ask why you did’t graduate high school if you don’t have a valid excuse you will not get hired.  This is one of the first things that people do to mess up there life.

Problems with Authority

This problem usually starts at home with not respecting the parents then it becomes a problem when a teenager turns into an adult.  Having problems with authority figures is a very big problem because through out life you always have to answer to someone.  People with authority issues usually wind up in and out of jail or prison unless they become self employed.


Teenagers now a days use credit card issued by there parents.  The problem with that is the teenager never has any consequences so when there on there own they become irresponsible.   Being irresponsible with credit cards can become a real problem.  Messing up your credit at such a young age will cause you not to be able to buy a car or a house because you have such bad credit.  Depending on how bad you’re in dept it can take years to get out of dept.


Getting pregnant at such an early age or becoming a father.  Having a child isn’t something you can run from if you windup paying child support and you don’t they will put you in jail or they will suspend your drivers license. Having a child comes with a lot of responsibilities and comes with a lot of cost.  Think twice before having sex!

Breaking the Law

When anyone breaks the law it goes on your permanent record.  Most employers will not hire someone with a criminal record so getting your dream job becomes impossible.  Do not break the law or associate with people who do or you just might find yourself in more trouble you could never get out of and your future gone.

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