Monday, October 10, 2011

Glasses vs. Contacts


Before your make a purchase you should know the pros and cons for both glasses and contact lenses.

Glasses vs. Contacts

Glasses can be annoying because you're always sliding your glasses closer or further from your eyes in order to improve your vision.

Contacts your not constantly adjusting to be able to see and you see everything without having anything blocking your vision like frames with glasses.

Glasses vs. Contacts

Frames no matter how much you pay for your eye glasses frames they are always needing adjustment and they leave deep ugly creases on both sides of your head and some time creases are found on your nose. If your glasses are to loose your run the risk of dropping and breaking them and you will be annoyed because of having to keep pushing your glasses closer to your eyes.

Contacts you have to clean with a solution which cost money on a regular bases. Contacts are easier to lose and harder to find. Plus you risk smashing your contacts if you drop them on the ground.

Glasses vs. Contacts

If you're an active person or involved in sports glasses can be very annoying because they reflect light into your eyes. Glasses fog up when your trying to do something outside because the temperature changes or glasses slide down because your sweating.

With contacts you're more than likely to get a bug or something in your eye. You will always have to carry eye drops and contacts solution. The pros are you will have better vision. You're not constantly being annoyed with contacts like you are with glasses.

Glasses are more fashionable then ever and most glasses are very stylish. Wearing fashionable sunglasses can be a problem while wearing glasses.

Contacts match everything you wear and you can wear any type of sunglasses you please with contacts.

Both Contacts and Glasses Are Affordable

Glasses and Contacts both have their advantages and disadvantages based on research your best bet is to have both glasses and contacts so that if you lose your contacts you still have your glasses. If you plan to work or play outdoors you can wear you contacts. When your eyes get irritated from your contact lenses you can always wear your glasses.


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