Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Best Ways to Start Fire


The best way to start a fire for survival or any other reason.  It is very important subject because you never know when or if you maybe in a survival situation.

Learn how to use these fire starting techniques for camping.  You should also practice these fire starting techniques now before you are in a survival situation, so that you know how its done.

Learning how to start fires in different situations could some day save your life.  You will learn how to start a fire using only the resources around you.

If you are a cub-scout leader this would be great idea for an activity.

               How to Build a Self Serving Fire - Wilderness Survival Skills.

Lean how to properly structure your firewood in order to have a longer lasting fire.  The longer you need the fire to last the bigger the wood needs to be like logs.

You can start this fire the many different way that you have learned in this article.  You not only learned how to build the right fire structure but you just learned how to start a fire with a knife.

                                     Using Sap to Start Fire

This article shows you how to collect sap from a couple of different trees in order to start fire.

If you get stranded in the wilderness at close to night time you can either make a fire and wait until morning to build shelter or you can make a torch to help you see to collect stuff to build your shelter.

Its always a good idea to carry a lit torch to fend off wild animals.

                                   How to Start a fire with an Orange

Believe it or not I have seen oranges grow in the wilderness.  Birds and other animal have consumed an orange then out come a seed when they poop.

This is one technique I would have never thought would start fire but does.

                          Use Pubic Hair for Starting a Fire in Wet Conditions

If it is raining or recently rained it can be impossible to find dry kindle to start your fire.  You can use pubic hair,facial hair or chest hair to get a fire started.  If you do not have a knife you can use a sharp rock or you can just pull the hair out.

Hair sets on fire quite easy.  Hair stinks when it is burning.  You should be prepared before you light and catch hair on fire because it burns very quickly.  So prepare your structure for your fire first.

                                              Dakota Fire Hole 

The Dakota fire hole is great for camping or in survival situation in windy conditions because there is no chance of catching woods on fire.

The Dakota fire hole is great for cooking while camping.  You can use green branches across the hole to cook food on.

If you are hiding from the law.  The Dakota fire hole is perfect because you can easily and quickly plug the fire hole up to stop the smoke and hide and put out the fire.

The Dakota fire hole is great because your fires last longer and burn hotter then any other fire pits.

If you build shelter and use the Dakota fire hole be sure to make a vent so that your shelter does not fill up with smoke.

Tips and Warnings

If you use rocks to contain a fire.  Do not use rocks that are close to a water source such as a river.  Rocks can explode like a grenade and kill anyone near the fire.

If you use rocks as a heat source in your survival shelter again to not use rocks close to any water sources.

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  1. Speaking from experience, I think a great piece of advise is that if you have to use pubic hair to start a fire, make sure it isn't still attached... Just sayin'.

  2. Dam your so good! Honey if I had to I would! I hate the cold.

    I always enjoyed a fire but honestly not near my crotch.
    Thanks for commenting.


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