Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fight Termites and Mold


How to keep the dampness out of your home and your basement? How to avoid mold growing inside and outside your home? How to keep termites from making a home out of your home?


Even though most people have gutters for their home gutters fail to do the job because the gutters need to be cleaned so water freely runs out on to the ground. Even if your gutters are clean you should extend your original gutter at least 2"feet from the house. You can buy drainage pipe at any hardware store. The drainage pipe is easy to install just simply slip drainage pipe over the existing gutter spout. The drainage pipe is about 5 to 6 inches around it comes in black it's very cheap and a great investment for your home. Your extended drainage pipe is easy to remove allowing you to cut your grass.

The Ground Around the Outside Walls of Your Home

The ground around your home should not be level. The ground should be sloped. The higher the slope the better especially if where you live rains often. My home has a 6" to 8" slope. What I did I used a strait edged shovel and cut out my own sod then filled it in with dirt then I replaced the sod I cut out. That's the cheapest way to do the job!

Windows With Built In Outdoor Mini Plant Holders

Bad idea even if you have holes drilled to drain the water. The plants won't allow enough sun to penetrate to evaporate water that could not drain through the holes. If you love your plants you could upgrade your windows to create a mini indoor greenhouse or do away with them all together.

Always use some kind of water repellent on wooden decks also make sure the boards are spaced far enough apart to allow water to escape. Make sure your deck is not flush against your house always leave a gap wide enough for air to pass through and to allow your deck to expand and contract.

Cement Driveways and Cement Patios

You will have serious problems with either the foundation to your house or your patios and drive ways. Before you pore your cement. Purchase a material that expands and contracts put the material in between your has and the cement your about to pore. (Do not cut corners) you will be paying for it later when you start to find cracks in your foundation or cracks developing on your driveway or patio.

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