Friday, October 21, 2011

Problem Teenagers


This is my personnel opinion on dealing with teens and young adults. Now day's teens are often left to fend for themselves while parents make a living. Being a lone in the home leaves the teen to make bad choices. Choices that cause them to wined up in juvenile care.

Before the Age 15

The law should be if a teenager gets in trouble three times before age fifteen with the law that teenager cannot get a drivers license until they either prove to the court that they have earned the privilege to drive by doing community service, volunteer work, and get a letter from there parents and teachers that there behavior has changed. Otherwise the teenager should not be aloud to drive until they are eighteen.

Quitting School

The law should never allow teenagers to quit school. The law should support a teenager if they have to take care of a parent by sending a teacher to the teenager house or the teenager becomes disabled and not able to go to school.

School to Home

Teenagers who continue to be in trouble with the law and loses the privilege to drive that have an "I don't care attitude" should have to go striate home not be allowed to wonder the streets they should be put on house arrest.

Automatically Drafted

If a teenager keeps breaking the law they should be drafted into the service. Obviously the teenager is out of control at home. Either the teenager has no respect for there parents or parents didn't do a good job teaching there teenager respect. I believe a parent should be able to speak to a judge and request that there teenager goes to some sort of camp if there teenager has a discipline problem or the law will automatically draft the problem teenager if they continue to break the law.

Abuse from a Teenager

No parent should ever have to put up with abuse from a teenager. The teenager should be held until the next day to talk to a judge. If the judge finds the teenager abusive they should be sent either in a boot camp or drafted to serve four years in the service.

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