Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Homeless Survival Tips


Homelessness can be unexpected or expected you might even choose to be homeless because of going into hiding. I will share my story of being homeless and offer some tips to survive being homeless.

My Story of Homelessness

This story tells you how I became homeless. What it took to survive on a daily bases? What I did to get prepared because my homelessness was because I lost my home, car and job so I was able to prepare a little bit for what was to come!

Some Tips and Tricks

Anybody can be homeless. I don't care who you are who your family is or what your last name is. You can have the best job and still be homeless. Look around millions of people are laid off and big wheel companies and business are cutting back, clamming bankruptcy, nothing is a sure thing.

Prepare and Educate Yourself

I might have survived being homeless but I wish I new what I know now! When I was homeless I went hungry many of nights didn't know how I was going to get my next meal. The challenges I faced was very real and I had to stay focused and think ahead before I made any decisions. To avoid ever being hungry go to eattheweeds.com you will see several you tube videos that educate you on what plants or weeds that are edible. These video are well illustrated and you will learn what parts of the plants you can eat and the best way to prepare them to eat. I recommend all his videos. Personally I keep watching the same videos over and over again to ensure I don't forget what I have learned from Green Deane and I also plan on foraging and apply what I learned from the Green Deanes videos.

Make a Homeless Water Distiller

If your not close to a water source you can take some simple steps to make your own safe purifies drinking water. If your in a area where there is no water source you might consider moving as soon as possible because you need a source in which to bathe and cook.

Shelter and Other Survival Methods

Here is just one link on how to make a basic homeless shelter. There are many other sites with great ideas for building your own homeless shelter. You can also look at videos on you tube or other video resources for homeless shelter ideas. There is some great homeless shelter ideas but you might want to put in the search box survival shelters.


 Prepare and Educate Yourself

Shelter Other Survival Methods

Survival Water Distiller

Homeless Tips and Tricks

My Story of Homelessness

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